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Qamdo deputy secretary

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"possession East portal" Following the CPC Tibet Autonomous Metropolitan Chang Chamdo Municipal inaugurated on the 10th of this month, the city People's Congress, government CPPCC local agencies also inaugurated on the 17th, bringing the city officially became a prosperous local government.October 20, 2014, the State Council approved the withdrawal to a city Chamdo, Chang city set up the card if the district, with former administrative region of Chamdo County Chang card if the district administrative metropolitan area.The first session of the People's Assembly on behalf of the city Chang first plenary meeting by secret ballot, elected Chang city mayor, deputy mayor, Abu Chang elected the first mayor of the city.Official resume shows that Abu, male, Muslim, born in March 1967, Lhasa, Tibet, where he had held the position of Lhasa Nyêmo County magistrate, deputy mayor of Lhasa, Qamdo deputy secretary, administrative commissioner and so on.Abu 17, said in a report nike air max 95 uk  on the work of local government, the city will expand investment Chang impetus to industrial development for the support to cities and towns into the breach, to deepen the reform as a new opportunity to protect and improve people's livelihood as the purpose, the promotion of sustained and healthy economic and social development, the overall situation continued to maintain social harmony and stability, to ensure continued



 good ecological environment Politburo Standing Committee, the 17th CPC Central Committee Liu Yunshan met with China to attend the Seventh ASEAN (103) in Beijing Media Cooperation Seminar foreign representatives.Liu Yunshan said that the current 103 Media Cooperation Seminar to "build the Maritime Silk Road, China Unicom Pacific dream" as the theme, will help promote "along the way" to implement the strategic vision proposed by the President Xi Jinping. "Along the way" is a constructive, open, pragmatic, to promote the Asia-Pacific region and the world is a very good opportunity for common development. I hope in the 21st century along the Maritime Silk national media to strengthen exchanges, deepen personnel exchanges and cooperation in various forms and other information products exchange, communication and promotion of the people connected with information to better promonike air max 90 womenste the prosperity and development of the Asia-Pacific. Liu Yunshan also briefed China's economic development and party building new normal situation.Participants spoke highly of the foreign media representatives "along the way" initiative, said it would further enrich the connotation of 103 media cooperation, development and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific Third China contribute - Central and Eastern European leaders meeting held in Belgrade, Serbia on the 16th. The two sides jointl



y issued the Outline Belgrade (hereinafter referred to as the "Outline"), which states that China - Central and Eastern European countries, China-EU relations and cooperation go hand in hand.Program is divided into nine parts, involving China - Central and Eastern European countries in all aspects of cooperation, including promoting interoperability, promote trade and investment, expand financial cooperation, expand content technological innovation and environmental protection cooperation in the energy sector.The participants reiterated that China - Central and Eastern European countries, China-EU relations and cooperation go hand in hand, nike air max 1 womens  reaffirmed commitment to the spirit of equality, mutual respect and the principle of mutual trust, deepen peace, growth, reform, civilized four partnerships for the implementation of "Central Europe Cooperation Strategy 2020 plan, "and make due contributions.Program that supports Chinese contractor China 2015 fourth - Central and Eastern European leaders meeting recognized "EU cooperation 2020 strategic plan" as a guiding document for EU relations, support timely start to develop in 2015, "China - Central and Eastern European countries, the mid-cooperation planning. "Outline pointed out that China and the Central and Eastern European countries to support existing operations and to open direct flights to normal as soon as a new direct, conduct exchanges and cooperation in aviation related fields.Ou

China iron and steel

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l three birds."When Li Keqiang attended the 14th Sino-Kazakh entrepreneurs at the closing ceremony of the second meeting of the Committee proposed by Kazakhstan, China iron and steel, cement, plate glass, power plant facilities, equipment manufacturing capacity among the world's advanced level, cost-effective and competitive. He said that Kazakhstan is the fate of the community, not only the high level of political trust, economic complementarity is also strong, the right time for bilateral cooperation and broad prospects."At present, salomon speedcross 3 cs womens China's economic downturn, overcapacity problems become more serious." Peking University Economics Professor Cao peace in an interview with news agency reporters, said the current situation of China and correspondence is inadequate supporting infrastructure in Kazakhstan, rich in resources, with great development potential.Data show that Kazakhstan is China's second largest trading partner and largest investment destination countries in Europe and Asia in the CIS countries, China is the second largest trade partner of Kazakhstan. 2013 Sino-Kazakh trade reached $ 28.57 billion, an increase of 11.3%.Cao believes peace, Li Keqiang pushing out overseas Chinese equipment companies, both in the domestic release of excess pressure, while production capacity to make up for some countries in Asia and Europe, is a win-win move.Serbia is located in Central and Eastern Europe, is the second leg of Li Keqiang's visit this time. In the China Association of International Trade in the US and European research centers He Weiwen, director o



f view, this is China to strengthen regional economic cooperation in a key step in chess."The Prime Minister's visit to Kazakhstan is China 'along the way' along important strategic partner, Central and Eastern Europe are located in Serbia again 'along the way' broad concept, hence, the outcome of this visit relates to the entire Eurasian Regional cooperation in the economic zone. "He Weiwen said.Li Keqiang on the 16th in China - Central and Eastern European countries, the opening ceremony of the Fourth Economic and Trade Forum, said many countries in Central and Eastern Europe has advantages of the port, the traffic trunk port and rail and road link up to form a huge logistics network can effectively expand trade scale, foreign enterprises can participate in depth. China welcomes Serbia led the formation of China - Central and Eastern European countries cooperate Federation transportation infrastructure, providing quality services for bilateral cooperation.He Weiwen said, "along the way" to strengthen nike shox turbo 13 mens interoperability, interconnection root cause lies in the infrastructure, "China's railway transportation and other construction abroad have an influence, the Prime Minister proposed to allow more equipment companies go out, no doubt will become the new engine of interregional cooperation, cooperation on this basis will also foster new economic growth point. "It is understood tha



t Li Keqiang also raised during the visit to the operation of the market, based on the establishment of China - Central and Eastern European countries, coordinated financing framework for cooperation.The experts believe that Chinese enterprises to invest overseas market needs financial support, through the creation of new financing channels, it is possible to solve business overseas financing difficulties, breaking the previous monopoly of a few big interests pattern of international capital markets, and emerging countries to explore new interests common.It is reported that Li will arrive in Thailand to attend the Fifth Summit of the Greater Mekong Subregion Economicnike shox r4 uk  Cooperation (GMS) 19 days. Some analysts said the prime minister stood on the final ASEM in Thailand, which means China - ASEAN economic cooperation will be further strengthened.The good bilateral relations translate into tangible outcomes, Cao Heping said, "In the end the economic and political access feast, which will be a feast of multinational win nearly flat domestic and international recognition and confidence of their people degrees are ranked firstAccording to the findings of the global public at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government Ash Center announced today the official website for the image of the world's major leaders in the respondents' recognition of their leaders, 30 countries of the ten respondents 


Jinping President's speech

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organizations " Xi Jinping President's speech at the summit resounding aroused great concern of the international community.[4] Keywords APECOne said another APEC. Perhaps you AsiaInfo strange, but should not I do not know APEC. An exposure to the APE nike air max 1 sale   already high, two to 13 years ago in Shanghai, China had successfully hosted the first APEC meeting.Perhaps many people have lost count of Shanghai APEC specifically talked about something, but all I remember, "costume", remember the Bund fireworks, remember to hold international events in their own kind of heartfelt pride.After a lapse of 13 years, China hosted the APEC (APEC) leaders' informal meeting again, this time in Beijing. Compared with the year, the Chinese people to have more items on the agenda and outcome expectations. Outcome indeed to force - in China under the guidance of a clear construction of the Asia-Pacific partnership for the future, start FTAAP process and determine the relevant roadmap, approved the "APEC interoperability blueprint" in promoting economic integration in the Asia-Pacific region process in China has left a deep imprint.It is particularly worth mentioning is that China's top leaders are still talking about such an international occasion humor "APEC blue," so an arena grassroots vocabulary far above the highest temple overnight, and then make "keep APEC Blue" became officials at all levels of an 



important policy objective.[5] Keywords Yingtai NocturneFollowing a meeting last June in California Manor, the evening of 11 November 2014, the President Xi Jinping off his tie again with President Obama, met in Beijing Zhongnanhai Yingtai. Walking, meeting, dinner, tea and Syria  unconsciously, the two leaders talked about the more than four hours. Some say that the fewer the number of meetings, the more in-depth meetings, the more important. As such ideas, in-depth and importance Yingtai Nocturne is evident.The next day, the Sino-US leaders held formal talks and reached important consensus on a series of pragmatic cooperation in various fields, greatly enriched the content of the new Sino-US relations among major powers, the list covers 27 the nike air max 2014 mens day of publication of important results, including climate change, trade relations, information technology, military mutual trust, reciprocal visa arrangements and so on, so that observers sometimes overwhelmed.Among them, the "Sino-US Joint Statement on Climate Change," is regarded as "landmark" agreement, widely welcomed by the international community, has made for Lima Climate Conference in December is expected to play an important leading role in the progress. UN 




Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon praised the two countries to solve the "common but differentiated responsibilities" set an example problem, to reach a new agreement for the 2015 climate conference in Paris made an important contribution to development of Sino-USNow the world are looking for leadership."Water into the deep, fill a mountain." As a new type of China-US relations among major powers to build an early harvest, andnike air max 2015 Release Date  these results will greatly promote the healthy and sustainable development of bilateral relations. Build does not conflict confrontation, mutual respect, cooperation and win-win of the new relations between big powers, the world was filled with hope for China and the US.[6] should be dating, see KeywordNovember 10 at noon, the President Xi Jinping out of the Great Hall of the Fujian Hall, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been there waiting, the two blue screen background, handshake photo.In this more than 20 minutes, "should date to see", the Xi solemnly pointed out that "the history of the problem is related to more than 1.3 billion Chinese people's feelings," "Japanese only abide by the Sino-Japanese bilateral political documents and 'Murayama Statement' and other previous governments made commitment to face the future with the development of friendly relations between the Asian neighbors. " Abe said China's peaceful development of Japan, is an important 

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